Wednesday: YouTube's 8th Birthday

A huge Happy Birthday to YouTube, 8 years old today!!

Tom, Kaz and Jack thought in honour of YouTube's 8th birthday they would post their favourite video to the Heart Sussex and Surrey Facebook page. Have a look below and see what video's they chose....... 

Jack's Choice

Tom's Choice

Kaz's Choice

And finally your choice from our Facebook page


And Tom told us an amazing story this morning of a man that got bitten on the head by a 10ft crocodile! The croc locked on to his head and started to give him the death roll when the young man started to fight back! He hit the crocodile a couple of times on the end of the nose and the croc let go and swam off!

Well done that man! It got us talking about times you have had an encounter with a wild beast! 

Georgie Riggs got kicked in the elbow by a small pony and she knocked her mum inside the picnic basket when she was trying to save her! Sian in Brighton got chased by a black canadian goose 20 years ago and she can't go near them now! But the best call was from Chris in Eastbourne who had a ferret bite him on the end of the nose and it was hanging on swinging on the end of his nose for 2 minutes before his parents could get it off. He said he still has a small scar from the ferret's teeth!!


On tomorrow's show we want to know who your childhood hero's were?? Are they still cool now or would you swerve having them over for dinner??

See you in the morning!