This Week Is Retro Week!


Welcome to a fresh week. And this week on Heart Breakfast its RETRO WEEK!!

Tom, Nicola and Jack have been set a challenge this week. They each need to find an awesome retro celeb to come on the show! We're talking retro legends! Who will they get? Who will get the most legendary celeb? Stay tuned in all this week to find out!
It's Christmas advert madness isn't it?! Sainsburys are the latest store to play their hand in festive advertisement. They made a major mistake though! Within their 3 minute 30 second ad there are a couple of times where you can spot products from the Co-Op! OOPS!!
Nicola found her favourite 'Ooops moments' to tell you this morning. Have a read of these!...
As museum-goer Nick Flynn tripped over a shoelace, the worst he expected was a few bruises and injured pride. Unfortunately, he also managed to knock over and smash three 17th-century vases worth an eye- watering £500,000.            
More than 1,000 chefs in Tehran, Iran, celebrated when they finished making the world’s longest sandwich, convinced they had broken the record in 2008. Sadly, by the time they completed the 1,500-metre treat –which was stuffed with 1,000kg of ostrich meat – hungry onlookers had already started eating it, depriving the chefs of their place in the Guinness Book of Records.
When scientists discovered that Ming the clam was 507 years old, making him the oldest living creature on the planet, it should have been cause for celebration.
Unfortunately, the experts from Bangor University in North Wales chose to determine his exact age by prising open his shell and counting his ring markings.
And managed to kill poor Ming in the process.

Make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast tomorrow as we'll be playing another round of the big town showdown! Hurray!