Who Should NOT Be Christian Grey?

Welcome to Wednesday! Middle of the week! Hurray!!

This morning Tom, Nicola and Jack were working out who should NOT play Christian Grey. Since Charlie Hunnam backed out of the role, everyone is speculating on who will take over....We had lots of suggestions on who it shouldn't be.....Here's who it WON'T be, listen to this....

 Who Shouldn't Play Christian Grey?

Jack has been going on and on and on about a new thing he experienced over the weekend. The scan and go. Yep, he popped in to Tescos over the weekend and experienced the joy of walking around the supermarket with his very own scanner! Life has such little pleasures doesn't it? Tom, Nic and Jack decided to make a little list of the life's simple pleasures, here are the best ones - 

 - Driving over hills and pretending you're on a mini rollercoaster (Ryan in Crawley)

- The Pull through parking spot! When you can drive straight out the bay after the person in front has pulled away! (Mark in Eastbourne)

- Peeling off the plastic cover on your new phone (Greg)



Tomorrow on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nic and Jack will be playing a game based on the worlds most ridiculous theme parks! Make sure you tune in, there are some really weird ones!