Who Will Be Hosting A fitness Session?

It's Tuesday!!! Who's feeling fit?

Fancy a workout?

Well, at the end of the week you could attend a fitness class hosted by either Tom, Nicola or Jack!

Yesterday the three of them headed out to try out their different styles as given to them by the producer.

Tom landed yoga. Not his first choice of workout but he seemed to get on quite well. He went down and had some training with Lisa McRory who teaches Yoga at Unit 4 in Brighton. He even created his own pose! 'The soldier'.

Tom yoga

Have a listen to how he go on...

Tom Trys Out Yoga


Next up, Jack's turn!! He had Zumba!!!

Jack went off to East Worthing Community Centre where he tried his hand at a little hip wiggling dance! Look at him go!!...

jack zumba
We think he secretly enjoyed it. What do you reckon?

Have a listen to how he got on in the rest of the class...

Jack Tries Zumba

Then it was all down to Nicola. She landed Box-fit bootcamp. It's a toughy!

Nicola headed down to the Sama training centre in Wild Park, Brighton to try her hand at the super tough workout.

This is what she ended up like at the end of the session...

Nicola Boxfit

Needless to say, she looks exhausted! You need to listen to how she got on. Very strange noises...

Nicola Tries Boxfit Bootcamp


So now it's all down to you. At the end of the week either Tom, Nicola or Jack will host a workout from what they've learnt in their classes and you decide which class it will be!

If you want Tom to put on a yoga class text “Tom” to 82122. 

If you want Nicola to put on a Boxfit Bootcamp text “Nicola” to 82122.

Or if you want Jack to take a Zumba Class text Jack to 82122. 

Texts will be charged at your standard message rate and Lines are open until 7pm on Wednesday the 8th January. Any texts received afterwards will not count but may still be charged

See you tomorrow from 6!!