X Factor Sob Stories

It's Wednesday! 

This morning Tom, Nicola and Jack figured out why the X Factor isn't doing so well in the TV ratings. It's all down to the sob stories. We're so used to them now that we don't seem to be emotionally attached any more. The smallest, least distressing stories can become heartbreaking when given the X Factor treatment. Heart breakfast told some really undistressing stories this morning, but when added with some emotional music, sounds really upsetting.

We had a call from Matthew in Eastbourne who had SUCH AN EMOTIONAL MORNING......

X Factor Sob Stories

Plus, Bob Geldof is to become a space man!! 'Being the first Irishman in space is pretty mind-blowing' says Geldof. The Boomtown Rat singer was given £64,000 ticket for a present. Not a bad present ey? Next year he will be propelled at 2,200mph 64 miles into outer space. What a view that would be. Tom and Nic would be up for travelling to space but not Jack, he likes his feet firmly on the ground thankyou very much!


Tomorrow on Heart Breakfast there's another chance to get your hands on VIP tickets to the SD2 festival to see The Wanted and The Saturdays!