World Elephant Exclusive!

It's the middle of the week and quite a chilly Wednesday!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Jack brought to the show a world exclusive! After reports of Peter the elephant being able to play the piano, Jack just happened to know his keeper, Neil. Yep. It seems that Peter doesn't just play the piano, he also sings!

Peter the elephant has teamed up with none other than country beauty Taylor Swift to re-record one of her biggest singles. Listen to this!!

Also on Heart Breakfast Nicola found something that Tom and Jack could finally go head to head on and either could win....They are calling it the ultimate sporting test. Putting your physical and intellectual attributes to the test.
Chess Boxing!
A full match consists of eleven rounds: six rounds of chess, each four minutes long, and five rounds of boxing, each three minutes long  Rounds of chess and boxing alternate until the end of the match.
You win by either  knockout or a checkmate.
Tom would nail the chess part, but Jack is really into his boxing. What a match that would be!!

Tonight is the Heart office Christmas party! Nicola is going to represent the breakfast show team as the boys are busy with panto rehearsals.
Tune in tomorrow to hear how it goes!