Your Google Alter Ego

Welcome to Wednesday, it's a very chilly middle of the week! Winter must be here.

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack were finding out their Google alter egos. After Julia Roberts revealed that she never Googles herself, Tom, Nic and Jack decided to Google themselves. Here are their alter egos - 

Tom Evans - Author of the book 'This we know' all about mindfulness.....interesting.
Nicola Hume - Award winning product designer from Dundee
Jack The Lad - A folk band. With songs such as ’Why Can't I be Satisfied’ and 'Cornish Pastiche'

Also this morning Heart Breakfast played another round of Roll For Robbie! Your chance to go and see Robbie Williams at an Intimate gig in London on Tuesday the 19th. This morning's winner was the very excited Teresa from Crawley! Huge Congrats to you Teresa!
If you want to join Teresa at the gig then make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast from 8 tomorrow for another chance to win.

With it being fan week on Heart Breakfast, Tom was set a challenge yesterday to get a person who he cannot see, has never met and never spoken to to sing along with him to a well known Robbie Williams song.
Here's how he got on....

Todays challenge is set for Nicola. She opened up her envelope given to her by the producer and this is what it said...
"Nicola, you need to create a Flash Rob by coercing as many members of the public to join you in singing a Robbie Williams song. But, it HAS to be totally spontaneous and unplanned"
How is she going to do that?!
Make sure you listen tomorrow at 8:15 to hear how she does.