Your Last Supper.

It's the middle of the week!! Hurray!! A step closer to the weekend! Welcome to Wednesday.

This morning we played the last supper game.

You know the game. Everyone plays it, especially Jack. It may well be his favourite game of all time.
Imagine you're about to eat your last meal ever. You can choose which starter, main and dessert you have. What would you choose?
Me? I'd have - Classic prawn cocktail (big prawns)

Full english with fried bread & brown sauce Bakewell tart & custard.


But what would the majority for the UK have?
Starter - Scallops
Main - Steak and chips
Pudding - Sticky toffee pudding with custard.

Now i'm hungry!

Also today is a big day for Burwash! Prince Charles and Camilla (Charmilla) are visiting today. But they arn't the only royals who are hitting the headlines. Have a listen to this...

Got ANOTHER chance for you to see Gary Barlow at a secret location in London this Monday on tomorrow's show from 8!
See ya then!
Nic xx