Heart Breakfast Videos

Did you miss Tom sea-swimming? What about when Kaz met The Wanted? And have you heard Jack's songs yet? Catch up now...


After seeing the footage taken on the weekend on the 25th August 2012 of the 'Essex Lion', Tom & Kaz from Heart Breakfast went on the hunt in St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.

You won't believe what they caught on film! 


Jack has been back in the recording studio and with the Olympics causing a stir this summer, he gave us a complete guide to all the sports that was on the TV (Jack the lad style).

On Heart Breakfast, the guys got talking about Jim'll Fix It, and Jack just happened to mention that he'd always wanted Jimmy to fix it for him to eat cream cakes and donuts while riding a giant ringo donut on the back of a speedboat. Well, Jim never did fix it, but Tom & Kaz have - they called up Mike from Sussex Watersports, and thanks to him and the lovely people at Worthing Beach Patrol, they set off to sea! See what happened when Jack attempted to live the dream...


We asked you if you thought England flags on your car are patriotic or chavvy? If you voted it patriotic, Tom would be forced to have his car covered in England merchandise for the week and if you voted it to be chavvy, Jack would have his car done up...in German merchandise! You voted it to be patriotic, so Tom was not a happy boy!!!

Tom has been very naughty indeed! After he lost a bet and had to have his car covered in England merchandise for the week, we got a tip off that he's been taking it off when he left work.



Jack has been missing his junk food ahead of his training for the Brighton Marathon. The latest thing that he's missing is meaty pies.


So, Jack is preparing for the Brighton Marathon which means that he has to give up some of the things that he loves most! He's really struggling to give up one thing in particular though, so he's written a song to tell us just how much he misses the humble sausage roll.

Hunger strikes again as Jack prepares for his first Marathon... Last time, it was all about the humble sausage roll - this time, it's Pizza that he's craving.

Tom wins himself tickets to see Bear Grylls at the Brighton Centre with a VERY early spring dip in the English Channel!



Kaz from popped down to the Brighton Centre to meet the boys from The Wanted backstage, just a few hours before they hit the stage as part of their UK arena tour. Can you spot the two phrases that Tom and Jack insisted she worked into the conversation?!