Monday: Talking elephants

First it was Noc, the talking whale, now there is proof of a talking elephant!

Koshik the elephant lives in the Everland Zoo in South Korea and scientists have proven that he has managed to learn some Korean words and repeat them back. 

Jack was in awe of this discovery, Tom & Marcella (from news) wasn't quite so sure though! Hear for yourself...

Koshik the talking whale

You can forget whales and elephants though, there is no better talking animal than this one.

We also talked about the things that you'll never tire of after Jack said that he'll never get bored of riding water-slides. 

Marcella from Heart News said she'll never tire of eating Twiglets and Tom said for him it had to be riding a bike down a hill with his feet out.

Thanks to every one who got in touch, here are just a few of your text responses; 

  • I never get bored of putting hula hoops on each of my fingers. Ashlie.
  • Marmite!!!! Never get fed up with it!! Deb, lyminster
  • Making an angel in the snow from Donna from Crawley x

And Samuel called to say that he'll never get fed up of a nice hot bath at the end of a long day.


We've got another round of the Big Town Showdown and we will have another look at the news, Jack the Lad style in The Not Really, But Nearly News Headlines.