New Dictionary Additions

The Collins English Dictionary have added an extra 80 words to their online dictionary. Words include Bashtag and Zhoosh up but what do they mean.?

Well Bash tag means somebody who is critical on Twitter and Zhoosh up means to Enliven or add sparkle.

Other words that made it onto the list include;

Bang tidy: Spot on.
Bridezilla: Woman who acts more and more like a raging monster – Godzilla – as her wedding day approaches.
Geekism: Excelling at the mundane.
Hangry: Irritable as a result of feeling famished.
Jog on: Go away.
Legbomb: When a person shows off a thigh. Originated when pics of Angelina Jolie’s revealing stance at the 2012 Oscars went viral.
Lollage: Use of the text/online phrase lol, meaning “laugh out loud”.
Mantyhose: Tights for men, usually worn as underwear, but also for fashion reasons.
Oojamaflip: Item whose name is temporarily forgotten.
Reem: Cool, sexy or hot, as used by the cast of TV’s The Only Way Is Essex.

A few others also made it onto the Dictionary and Jack wanted to test Tom & Kaz to see if they could work out what they mean. See if you are smarter than them.