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So today was the last day of our GIANT bicycle competition.....

Giant Bikes

We had Mark (yesterday's winner) and Steve on the show today both competing to win the big prize- £1,500 to spend at GIANT in Shoreham!

The aim was to guess how far in meters Kaz could ride the static bike in the studio (this was her 3rd day running). Today we took off the incline on the bike. Mark guessed she would do 320 meters and Steve guessed 350 meters! Kaz did 330 meters on the bike so Mark was the closest and wins the prize!!!!

It's a huge amount of money to spend at GIANT in Shoreham and lucky Mark can now treat his family to bikes for Christmas!!

Rihanna heading to a studio in Hollywood

Today Kaz revealed in Twitter Chatter the name and cover to Rihanna's BRAND NEW album "Unapologetic"

We posted the cover on the Heart Sussex and Surrey FaceBook and Twitter and lots of you are loving Rihanna's new cover! Kaz thinks Rihanna has got fabulous, ever-changing style. Jack loved the photo (of course) and Tom thought she might look a little more elegant in a nice dress and cardigan!



On Monday's show we are giving away more goodies! Do you fancy winning an amazing holiday to The Azores??

Listen in on Monday to see how you can win this fantastic prize!



Another busy day today....

After the show Tom, Kaz and Jack are off out on the "Heart Breakfast School Dinners Tour" and today they are off to the lovely Hailsham! Grovelands Primary School will get their school dinners served up today by Tom, Kaz and Jack so lets hope they do a good job! 

Roast dinner

Jack is a little more excited about the fact he is getting a roast dinner today! The school have also said the guys can have a go on the school tannoy which they may live to regret!

We had another round of "Riding on the Saddles of Giants" today! 

Giant - Radlett

We had Liz (yesterday's winner) and Mark on the show today both competing to win Friday's big prize- £1,500 to spend at GIANT in Shoreham!

The aim was to guess how far in meters Kaz could ride the static bike in the studio. Liz guessed she would do 475 meters and Mark guessed 460 meters! Kaz did 320 meters on the bike so Mark was the closest so stays on for tomorrow!

Its a huge amount of money to spend at GIANT and could really get your christmas presents all sorted!


Greg Davies at Inbetweeners Movie Premiere

Tomorrow on the show comedian/actor Greg Davis (Mr.Gilbert in the Inbetweeners) will be with us talking about what he has been up to recently. Tom, Kaz and Jack will be giving you another round of the "Early Morning Quickie" and Kaz will have more Twitter Chatter.

See you in the morning from 6am!


Today on Heart Breakfast with Tom, Kaz and Jack.....

 Giant Bikes

We had the very lovely Lisa back on the show to play "Riding on the Saddles of Giants" - The big comp for all you keen cyclists to get your hands on £1,500 to spend at GIANT in Shoreham!!

Today's new player was Liz. Lisa and Liz had to guess how far in meters either Tom, Kaz or Jack would cycle in 20mins on the static bike in the studio. Today Lisa selected Tom to get on his bike and he managed a whopping 560 meters!!

Lisa had guessed 420 and Liz guessed 485 so Liz was the closest! She will be back on again tomorrow to defend her prize and if she is still here come Friday she will WIN!! 

The Hoff supports #TeamJason

After hearing that David Hasselhoff popped in to a school in Wales to do a talk their assembly it got Tom, Kaz and Jack thinking about celebs that had come in to their schools.

Tom had the swimmer Duncan Goodhew come to his school and Jack had Chris Akabusi at his trying to promote Weetabix! Kaz said no-one ever came into her school! Rubbish!

We had some great calls and texts with celebs from "Let Loose" and Nick Clegg to "Atomic Kitten" and "PJ and Duncan"! 



Today we had a BRAND NEW competition......

Giant Bikes

"Riding on the Saddle's of Giants" is the name and guessing how far Tom, Kaz or Jack can go on the static bike in the studio is the game! Today we had Lisa and Michael on the show and Lisa chose Jack to go on the bike. Jack had 20 seconds to cycle as far as possible! Lisa thought he would cycle 280 meters and Michael guessed 275.

After a frantic 20 second cycle Jack managed a whopping 500 meters! So Lisa goes through to tomorrows show. If she can last till Friday she could win a massive £1,500 to spend in GIANT in Shoreham. 

lady Gaga

After hearing Lady Gaga had just reached 30Million followers on Twitter, we thought we needed to give Tom's Twitter account a little boost. His last tweet was in 2010 and he was saying things like "Today I am eating meatballs for dinner" which wasn't the most thrilling of tweets!

After mentioning it on air, Tom got hundreds of new followers! Tom has said he will do 2 tweets a day and he will make an effort to make them a bit more exciting.


Make sure you listen out for the "Early Morning Quickie" at 6.20am. Tom, Kaz or Jack have a funny/random story from around the world and you need to guess the outcome! Today Jack asked what it is that has caused upset in America amongst the NFL players?

Loads of guesses in today but it turns out their new kit made by NIKE made the players feel "too fat"  



Today was a big day for BOND fans......


It's 50 years today since the first Bond Film "Dr.No" was released in London. To mark the occasion we played you the BRAND NEW Bond Theme recorded by the amazing Adele.

We played you "Skyfall" on Heart Breakfast and Sussex and Surrey loved it! She has totally captured the essence on "Bond" in the song and her vocals are as always amazing. Thumbs up from us!

Here's the video to it, it's very bond-esque.




Today was the last day of "You've Got to be Joking!" - The competition where you have to guess who is telling the true story out of Tom, Kaz and Jack to win tickets to Dave's Brighton Comedy Festival!

Brighton Comedy Festival

Today's stories were.....

Tom- Strictly Come Dancing's Anton Du Beke once called me a natural born mover.

Kaz- Brendan Cole from Strictly Come Dancing once told me I'm a good kisser!

Jack- Tess Daly the host of Strictly Come Dancing once called me "Utterly Pathetic!"

Julie was the first lucky caller through and she got the answer correct! Jack was telling the truth! 



Would you stuff your face that little bit more if you knew you were paying a set price??

Red Hot Buffet Dishes

Well Jack found a great story in the national news today that was about an "All You Can Eat" buffet restaurant in Brighton. Adam and George got barred from the restaurant as they were eating WAY too much and WAY too often! Jack said it was outrageous that they were barred, if it says "All You Can Eat" you should be able to able to eat as much as you want!

Kaz says she see's his point but you need to think of the restaurant owner who budgets £12 per head on what the average person eats? Just because it says all you can eat, you shouldn't take advantage.

Tom said it his restaurant, he car bar who he wants! "I'm sure the guys are really nice people but there must be a good reason to ban a customer"

Loads of you called in and told us your stories! Jez said you have every right to eat as much as you want!!

Listener Michael said he is a big lad and has been barred from 3 all you can eat chinese buffets for eating too much!

Brighton Comedy Festival

Today in our competition "You've got to be joking!" Vicki in Eastbourne was our lucky winner!

To win tickets to see John Richardson she had to guess the true story out of these...

Tom- Roly the dog from Eastenders once took a dog treat from out of my hand!

Kaz- I once served Zach Dingle a BLT sandwich when I was working in a pub.

Jack- I had a 5 minute conversation with Tyrone Dobbs from Coronation Street and we were both nude!

Vicki guessed the true story was Jack's! He did a charity football match and after the game when they were all showering he had a chat with Tyrone and they didn't have any clothes on! ooooer!


We gave away tickets to see Ross Noble at Dave's Brighton Comedy Festival......

Prince Harry In Jamaica

All you needed to do was figure out whether Tom, Kaz or Jack was telling the truth in our competition "You've Got to be Joking!"

We had Kat from East Grinstead on the line and she had to guess which of these stories was real.... 

Tom- I once made Tea for Princess Eugene in a camper van

Kaz- Prince Harry once bought me a drink in a nightclub

Jack- I once got told off for flicking small bit of paper at Prince Edward's bald spot

Kat guessed correctly that Kaz's story was true!! Kaz had indeed met Harry in a nightclub in Newmarket and they had a chat and he bought her a drink! Very lah-de-dah!

Big Town Showdown

We had Ian on the show today playing for the town he loves "Bexhill on Sea"

He had a pretty good round on the BTS today and managed a very respectable 8 out of 10! With 20 seconds in time penalties his final score was 65.3 which puts Bexhill 6th on the leader-board.



After last nights events, it's all anyone was talking about this morning....

And no, we are not talking about the Ryder Cup! The X-Factor was a hot topic this morning and it was trending on Twitter. Nicole Sherzinger put a guy called "Rylan" through to the live rounds and he had possibly one of the most emotional reactions (in a strong Essex accent) that the X-Factor had ever seen!

X Factor 

Kaz said she loves the judges houses stage of the competition, it's so exciting! Tom said it's so overdone and they ham it up way too much! Jack said that's it's not hammed up, it's just like real moments in their life. 



And today was the first day of "You've Got to Be Joking!" - our new competition to win tickets to Dave's Brighton Comedy Festival!

Tom, Kaz and Jack will each tell a story and you have to guess which one is TRUE! 

Tom said "I once had christmas dinner with former I'm a Celebrity Winner Christopher Biggins".

Kaz said "I once went to Nando's with Oritse from JLS".

Jack professed "I once shared a soup with Davina McCall".

Clive came on the show who guessed Tom's story was true and it was! So Clive wins those tickets to this Friday's to the Gala night with Alan Carr and Jo Brand.



Heart Breakfast with Tom, Kaz, Jack and PETER ANDRE!!!!

We had the lovely Peter Andre on the show today!

Peter Andre with Tom, Kaz & Jack 

Pete dropped by to chat with us about his new coffee shop, the new lady in his life and tell us about his new tour in December. He also bought along the ITV2 crew who are recording his every move! 

Pete also represented East Grinstead in the Big Town Showdown and made a phone call on "You've Got the Wrong Number Mate!" - he didn't do very well though bless him.

You can hear it all by clicking here.

It's always great when Peter stops by Heart HQ. Thanks Pete!

 Wizard of Oz - Worthing

And today was the last day of our competition "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" - Your chance to win a part on the Heart Gala Night at the Wizard of OZ at the Worthing Pavillion Theatre.

Darren had managed to win against a different contestant everyday! But today we had Ryan on the show to try and steal the prize at the last minute. Darren and Ryan sang their hearts out but it was DARREN who got a whopping 94% of the votes!!

Well done Darren, you will be joining Tom, Jack and Mario from TOWIE on stage at the panto!



"Follow the Yellow Brick Road" continued today.....

Wizard of Oz - Worthing

And it seems Darren is proving un-beatable!! We had Darren on the show again today and Warren was our new player trying to pinch the once in a lifetime prize! Appearing on stage with Tom, Jack and Mario from TOWIE in the Wizard of OZ at Worthing Pavillion Theatre this Christmas time.

Once again Darren's fans carried him through with loads of votes! So he will be back on the show again tomorrow.....lets see if he gets the prize or will someone else steal at the last minute?!




A little bit cringey and awkward on the show today.....

alex reid

After watching the Alex Reid "Im sorry Chantelle" video we couldn't quite believe the lengths some people will go to for love. The video is quite possibly the most cringe-worthy thing we have seen and then Tommy had a little confession-

He told us a story about him and an ex girlfriend......They both went to different universities, he was in Cheltenham and she was in Scotland. One night Jane rang Tom and told him it was over and Tom was so distraught he said Im coming over NOW we need to talk!

Tom got in his car and drove 6 hours so he could bang on Jane's door and plead with her to take him back! On the journey he was listening to a particular song on the radio that he said just cant listen to anymore!

Loads of you text and called in....

Gayle said- "Unbreak my Heart" - Toni Braxton

Adam- "Baby Come back"

And we had some more suggestions too;


But it was Oleta Adam's "Get here" that had Tom crying at the steering wheel. Awwww man up Tom.

(she didn't take him back either)

Wizard of Oz - Worthing

And would you believe it? Darren was today's winner AGAIN in "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" - the competition where you can win a part in Heart's Gala performance of the "Wizard of OZ" at Worthing Pavilion Theatre.

Gary was the other contestant who tried his hardest to steal the prize away from Darren but Sussex and Surrey love him and keep voting! So Darren will be on again tomorrow - Will he last till Friday or will someone else beat him tomorrow?? Here's a clip of them singing, who would you vote for?




Today we celebrated our wonderful region....

After learning that a little kebab house had made the "Top 10 Best Places to eat in London" it got us talking about little things that make your town legendary!

Summer Kebabs

Jack said his butcher is amazing!! He has loads of awards and is has certificates for his amazing sausages! Tom said the Olympic Rings were made in Cooksbridge! Thats pretty cool.

Becky- Bexhill - birthplace of British Motor Racing, home of De La Warr Pavilion, home town of Eddie Izzard, home to Desmond Llewellyn, featured on Keane album, home of Graham Norton. . . . . . . !!

Jen- I live in Heathfield the local Indian has the best toilets in town!!! With a certificate and everything lol xxxx

Rosie- In Polegate there is a tree that looks like a doughnut!!

Dan- Brighton. The Pier, The Lanes and Adele!!

Wizard of Oz - Worthing

In today's round of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" we had Darren on the show again fighting for his prize - A night on the stage with Tom and Jack in the Wizard of OZ this Christmas time!

Lauren called the show to challenge Darren to a "sing off" and whoever got the most votes would stay on and compete again the following day. Darren sang the huge Neil Diamond hit "Sweet Caroline"  and lauren blasted out Phil Collins "Against All Odd's". Here are clips of thier performances. 



With 73% of the votes Darren was todays winner AGAIN! He will be back on with another tune tomorrow!


Today on Heart Breakfast it all went a bit X-Factor.......

 Wizard of Oz - Worthing

We kicked off our new competition "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" this morning. We are offering 1 lucky person the chance to appear in panto with Tom, Jack and the gorgeous Mario Falcone from TOWIE on the Heart Gala night! The performance this year is the Wizard of OZ and it will be held at the Worthing Pavillion Theatre at Christmas time.

So today we opened the phone lines and asked for you to call in with your best singing voice and give us a tune!

We had Darren and Sara on the line. Darren was parked up in the truckers stop at the Clacket Lane Services and he belted out Robbie William's "Angels" and it was very good...well a good effort anyway. He gave it some welly!

Sara couldn't stop laughing through her rendition of "Baa Baa Black Sheep", not surprising really if you're on the radio singing a nursery rhyme.

Loads of you text in with your votes on who you thought was the best and with 93%....... today's winner was Darren! He will be on again tomorrow with a new song and we will have another player on the line trying to steal the prize.

top 10 on-screen schools 

The main man John Travolta was on Heart Breakfast this morning! He caught up with our showbiz editor Charlie Girling and told us all about his new film.

Charlie couldn't help but have a little flirt with him and she said he was absolutely lovely!

You can listen to it by clicking here



We launched a new game on Heart Breakfast today....


"You've got the wrong number mate!" is the name and keeping a random stranger on the phone is the game!

Jack randomly dials a number on the phone and the idea is when the person answers he does whatever he has to, to keep them on the line. Today he randomly dialled a florists in Hastings and the lady on the line was very polite when Jack was asking her if the "man had delivered the rug?!"

He managed to keep her on the phone for 1 min 22 seconds! Let's see how he gets on next week! Will he better his time?!

Here this weeks call by clicking here.

iPhone 4

It was all about the iPhone 5 today. Thousands of people all over the country will be queuing for the new bit of kit from Apple, so Jack went down to Churchill Square in Brighton to see if anyone was there. Between 150-200 people were stood there in the queue!!

Jack spoke to a boy called George who had been queuing with his mum since 7pm last night! WOW!


So today Jack was on his "fast" for his blood test......


He was really hungry!! But as Tom and Kaz had agreed to fast too it wasn't too bad for him. However, one of the team let the side down.

See below




On today's "Twitter Chatter" Kaz told us about the new thinner, smaller #SONY PS3 that is out in the coming weeks.

Robbie Williams

She also told us all about the birth of Robbie Williams gorgeous baby girl "Theodora Rose Williams" and if you liked Liam Neeson in Taken....get ready for Taken 2 due in cinema's 5th of October!



Tom, Kaz and Jack are off out today to Worthing for the first day of the School Dinners Tour!!

Join them on the show tomorrow to hear how they got on!! 

If you'd like Tom, Kaz and Jack to come to your school, click here.



What advice would you give to your teenage self??

School Kids

That's what we were talking about this morning on Heart Breakfast. Tom was asked to write a little piece of advice in his cousins birthday card as his cousin was due to turn 13. Tom had a good think and his piece of advice was "Listen to your Dad as he was a teenager once too!"

Kaz said her best piece of advice to herself as a teenage girl was "LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE!!" Kaz says over the years she has dyed, permed, bleached, cut, crimped and straightened the life out of her hair and she wishes it was as nice as it was back then.

Jack said he would have told himself to "Not chase around after the prettiest girl in school, because later in life she will ballon and get fat!" Oh dear Jack.....

And Sussex and Surrey had some pearls of wisdom too......

Andrea said- Always take your parents' advice.

Jane- do NOT buy those purple loon pants!!!

Louise said- Put some clothes on! Lol but seriously i would say to study hard. X

Leanne- Don't be tempted by store cards just because the nice assistant is so friendly!

Sean- Knuckle down at school and be respectful

Gayle said- STAY AWAY from the "Bad Boys" they will never be marriage material....

Some sound advice!

We had Gareth from Slinfold on for the Big Town Showdown today! 

Gareth had a pretty good round and managed a score of 66.2 seconds putting him in 3rd position on the leader-board.

Hear his round here



Another good round of "Twitter Chatter" today. Kaz told us all about the top trends on Twitter and what everyone is talking about around the world.


#KISS is Carly Rae Jepson's new album. She duets with Justin Bieber and it's out now!


The Voice USA has 2 NEW coaches for the next season...Shakira and Usher!


And the big news is Google has just announced it's new purchase "Snapseed" - It's a digital photo editing app (a little like Instagram) and EVERYONE is talking about it!



So has a workman ever taken liberties in your home??


Tom's mother in law had some workman in her home doing her kitchen floor. When she popped out she told the workers to "make themselves at home" but when she came back they had helped themselves to bread and made some toast and jam!

Tom thought this was a bit over the top and they shouldn't have touched the food in her house, a cup of tea would have been fine but not food. Kaz said she would happily make them food and drinks while she was there but if she  wasn't in the house then she wouldn't like the ideas of strangers rustling around in her house. Jack said relax! If you say "make yourself at home" then what do you expect?!
We had a great call from a lady called Dee who owns a bed and breakfast. She was showing some customers round and the painter and decorator who was working there was lying on the bed in one of the rooms reading the paper!



Today we had Sharon from St.Leonards on the show for the Big Town Showdown.

Sharon had a great round! She got all the questions right except from one. With time penalties added she managed a score of 42.3! That puts her at number 1 on the leader-board.

And today we launched "Twitter Chatter"
Kaz tells us everyday what is trending on Twitter and what the world is talking about! Today it was WWE Wrestling and Jessie J. Did you know Jessie has officially announced on Twitter that she is shaving her head LIVE for Red Nose Day next year. More "Twitter Chatter" tomorrow!


We had a legend on the show today!!

Mr. Ray Winstone was on the show today talking about his new film "The Sweeney" and what it was like filming such a great movie.

Ray Winstone at The Sweeney premiere

He really is the king of cool! The girls of Sussex and Surrey loved Ray's accent!

Listen to the the interview here


Today we had a rather lively lady on the phone for the Big Town Showdown. Jen from Horley called in to represent her town and she didnt do too well bless her. She got 7 questions wrong...

Hear her round here


It got a bit heated in the studio this morning.....

Have A Heart in Milton Keynes
Tom went to the car wash at the garage yesterday, he parked his car in a bay and went in to get token from the shop. But as he was walking across the forecourt back to his car he noticed another car pull up to the car wash entrance and stop. The driver got out and went over to the shop to buy a token.

So Tom had to sit in his car with his token ready, waiting for someone else to buy their token! Tom's argument is you shouldn't park in the carwash unless you have your token! Their might might be other people wanting to use it!  Kaz totally agreed, why would you block the entrance if you don't have a token to use it?? Jack said he would have done exactly what the other driver did. He goes to use the carwash, why would he park anywhere else??
Loads of you text in with your thoughts on this.....
Amy- That is so wrong! You cant just block someone in! You need to get the token first!
Same Difference- Jack you are acting like the Germans on holiday putting your towel on the sunbed without using it!
Gaz- I agree with Jack, if you are there to use the car wash, why park somewhere else??
Lisa B- Tom and Kaz are right. Its so selfish to make other people wait!!
Bev- If you snooze you loose!! Park where you like.
Ange- You wouldn't leave your empty trolley at the till in the supermarket then do your shop? So don't do it at the carwash!
We even had a call from a driving instructor who has to wash her car 4 times a week! She said she ALWAYS parks in the entrance!


Today on the show we had Callum from Newdigate on the show playing the Big Town Showdown. Callum didn't have the best round but with him being only 18 some of the questions he wouldn't have known!

You can hear it for yourself by clicking here 


So Kaz has got a big problem.....

RSPCA rscued Tabby

Her cats Daisy and Duke are bringing in on average 2-3 mice per day!! She has never known cats to bring in so many??!! Tom said you should just lock them out at night and Jack said cat's will always do this because it's in their breed they are natural hunters.

We had top TV vet Marc Abrahams on the show and he explained that a collar with a bell can help but cats see it as they are bringing you a present!
Marc also told a great story about a dog he operated on. He removed a pair of knickers from a poorly dogs intestine and when the couple came to pick the dog up the girlfriend said "They ARE NOT my knickers!"

Oh dear! Who says a dog is mans best friend!!


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We had Ian from Storrington on the show today and it was his turn to play the Big Town Showdown! He was very keen to represent his town and put them firmly on the leader-board!

He had a pretty good round and managed a tidy score of 83.9! Well done Ian!



Today it all got a bit weird.....
BFI London Film Festival
We got to talking about weird crushes after Jack's friend Tracey confessed to having a thing for Boris Johnson!!

Tom said his weird celeb crush is Rebecca Adlington. He fell for her while watching the Olympics!
Kaz said her weird crush is Dominic Littlewood from Cowboy Builders, there is just something about him!
Jack said he has a sneaky crush on Anne Robinson! Tom said his mum looks Anne! (Keep Jack away from her)
You loved it on Facebook......
Angie said- Jeremy Clarkson - don't know what he's got, but something about him does it for me!!!!!
Kathryn- James May and Simon King from the hairy bikers!!! ♥
Lisa said- Jimmy nail xxxx
Linzi- Robbie Coltrane.....is that weird??
Loads of you got involved with this, thanks for the great texts and calls!
Eastbourne Airbourne 

Today we had the lovely Suzanne from Eastbourne on the show to play the Big Town Showdown. She called in to represent her town and she did well with the 10 questions, only getting 2 wrong!

She managed a good score of 59.2!

Hear he round by clicking here

Cheryl Cole
We had the gorgeous Cheryl Cole on the show today.

She caught up with our showbiz editor Charlie Girling and was telling her that she doesn't read the papers because they are full of lies! 

You can hear the interview by clicking here.