Wednesday: Getting In The Mood For Summer

After we heard that the weather was going to perk up a bit this weekend, we were having a think about the things that remind us of the sunny weather!

Kaz said that the girls are always itching to get the flip flops on and even with just a peep of sun the girls will have them on even when its still too cold! Tony said he loves it when you wind the window of your car down and blast the tunes out that you love while the sun is shining. We had a great call from Joe in Hove who said him and his wife got the BBQ out at the weekend! Even though it was still really chilly they wanted to make the most of the sun!

Disposable BBQ 

Kaz had all the goss in Twitter Chatter today.

Lindsay Lohan had been joking on Twitter that she was pregnant! She isn't, she just did it for a bit of an April Fools gag but it didn't go down too well so she deleted the tweets!

And Kim Kardashian is having a tough time at the moment with her pregnancy wardrobe. Bette Midler (of all people) tweeted Kim offering her styling advice?? Random!

On tomorrow's show Tony and Kaz want your stories about your naughty pets! Have you had a cat that scratched through your wedding dress? Or a dog that knocked over a really expensive tele over? Let us know, the naughtier the better!!

See you in the morning x