Tom Drives Through The Night For Love

After watching the Alex Reid "Im sorry Chantelle" video we couldn't quite believe the lengths some people will go to for love.

The video is quite possibly the most cringe-worthy thing we have seen and then Tommy had a little confession-

He told us a story about him and an ex girlfriend......They both went to different universities, he was in Cheltenham and she was in Scotland. One night Jane rang Tom and told him it was over and Tom was so distraught he said Im coming over NOW we need to talk!

Tom got in his car and drove 6 hours so he could bang on Jane's door and plead with her to take him back! On the journey he was listening to a particular song on the radio that he said just cant listen to anymore!

Loads of you text and called in....

Gayle said- "Unbreak my Heart" - Toni Braxton

Adam- "Baby Come back"

And we had some more suggestions too;


But it was Oleta Adam's "Get here" that had Tom crying at the steering wheel. Awwww man up Tom.

(she didn't take him back either)