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28 January 2011, 19:15 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Man’s best friend is, and always has been, dog.

However, I’m left wondering now whether man is a dog's best friend.  According to new research, we’re ditching more traditional names for our pets and naming them after our favourite celebrities, which means Bailey has become Bono, Bella has become Becks and you can now have your crotch sniffed by Lady Gaga.  What pet is going to thank its owner for a name like Beyonce?!!

On Heart Breakfast I asked how YOUR pet got its name.  One lady text into say she’d named her cats after Arsenal legends Freddie, Dixon and Brady (I’m guessing Ljunberg, Lee and Liam respectively).  Helen emailed to say that her old cat used to steal women’s underwear and was thus given the name Magpie!!

Eight year old Caine from Hemel bravely called up and told me about his Staffy! (listen below)
And – a dog who can walk on two legs and cast spells! (listen below)
After all of this inspiration, I almost want a pet for myself. (Almost)