The great onesie debate

Onesies should never be worn by anybody of a school going age.

Christmas will be forever remembered in my household as the year of the onesie. To the blissfully unaware, these ridiculous garments are basically a giant “baby-gro.” My six month old son got a reindeer one for Christmas, and it’s amazing. My four year old son has a Monkey one (complete with Velcro tail accessory pack and ‘easy up’ ear/hoody combo) and he looks amazing. My eight year old son has one and he looks like a giant… well baby.

As much as I love him, the sight of him dressed as a baby is harrowing. It also reminds me of that sketch that Harry Enfield used to do with him as a 6 foot toddler, and everything around him was gigantic. I have pleaded and pleaded with Corey to part with it, without success. His mother has convinced him he looks cute, and that (as far as he’s concerned) is the end of the matter. The big baby stays.

It seems that I’m completely on my own with the whole “anti-onesie movement”. James from Hemel even confessed to wearing one nightclubbing (where does he keep his wallet?!) Klara in Bushey came on with her views on the garment in question. 

Listen again below!

Daniel x

The great onesie debate