What a great idea!

A list of the best things we need inventing has been released. It includes a milk carton that changes colour when the milk spoils and a toilet seat with a foot pedal life mechanism.

So this morning on the show I asked for your ideas of what should be invented to make life that little bit easier.

I came up with the idea of a 'sleep microwave' so that you can have 4 minutes of sleep but feel like you've had 4 hours.

Klara in Bushey would like to invent a gender translator to help her understand men and to help her husband understand her when she tells him 'she's fine'. Rachel in Bushey came up with a genius idea of buggies with skis so that she can still push her buggy with ease in the snow. Hannah in Watford wanted to invent a cup that keeps your drink at the intended temperature, and to her amazement I informed her such thing already exists in the form of a Thermos!

But Amanda in Berkhamsted had an idea I'm not too sure about.

Listen again below!

Daniel x

Amanda's Genius Invention