Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Gillian, Tina, Sarah, Stephanie and Natalie

Well Done to Gillian, Tina, Sarah, Stephanie and Natalie , who jogged and walked at last nights event in memory of mum and nan.  Also June in memory of her Dad. Very well organised, great commentary from Heart. Be back next year.

Staff at Cefn Mawr

Well done to all the Staff from Cefn Mawr C.P who took part in the Race for Life today ! It was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and joining together to raise money for this worthwhile cause xxxx Sarah Ellis xxx

Trudy, Bethan & Hannah

Trudy, Bethan and Hannah Griffiths would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored us for race for life in Rhyl, in memory of a fantastic piano teacher and friend Fiona Price, who we miss so much. We had a great day. Thank you so much xxx

Kate Turner

I ran the race for life for my much loved cousin who passed away at just 17 years old... and also my much loved nain.. they are both greatly missed by all the family....  this will not be the last race for life i will be doing it every year to help everyone affected by cancer... xxxxxxxxxx

Teresa Jane, Chloe Jane, Amanda and Hannah.

Teresa Jane, my daughter Chloe Jane, sister Amanda and niece Hannah took part in this years race for life on sunday 23rd may, we all had lots of fun  racing for our dearley loved grandad/dad who sadly passed away this year in febuary and our nanny winnie aswell passed away 2008 but we had fun and we are doing it again next year. RIP Grandad, Dad and Nanny Winnie. Love you always. xxxx

Alice, Sophie, Sammy Yvonne, Julie & Sheila

We all did Race for Life this year in Tribute to our friend and Alice's Mum, Gail who died last October aged 44.
Never a day goes by when we don't miss her, but Sunday was an amazing day for all of us and hopefully we have raised some money to make a difference.  Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters and our love to David, Gail's husband.
Apparently next year we are all running and not walking!!! Wish us luck!!!

Cath Statham

Well Done To Cath Statham really good Today

Lou and Gail,

Well done I am so proud of you both. I know you have both had a hard year but you have come through it stronger, and now you are going from strengh to strenth. Love you both Mom, James and Mike xxx

Sara Diana Williams

I would like to say well done to Sara Diana Williams, your a fantastic lady and an insparation. xxx

Team APS

Well done to TEAM APS - such a hot day, but we did it!!

Anne, Beth and Andrea

Well done to Anne Gallanders,Beth and Andrea  from Ian 

Penygelli School

Well done to the staff of Penygelli school who competed in the race for life on sunday it was a fantastic day and all done in a very good cause. it was an amazing and emotional experience for all involved.

Megan Leigh Roberts

Well done to Megan Leigh Roberts, aged 10 who took part in her 5th Race For Life yesterday and completed the course in 36mins!!!
Lisa Robertts

Amanda Parry

Well done to Amanda Parry my daughter who took part in the Race for life yesterday as she does every year. Well done you and a thank you also to my grandson Carregan for waiting at the finish line to present her with a pink carnation..

Christine Weaver

I did the race for my late husband Johnathan, and late partner Ross; also for my partner now Carl's late mother Marjorie,unfortunately all three died from Cancer, I have lost 10 stone in the last year after having a gastric bypass in July 09, i had the operation to improve my own health, i am now a lot healthier and stronger woman.

Charlotte Griffiths

i took part in the race for life today with my mum to help beat cancer because my grandma had breast cancer and we were doing it for her! i loved it, it was an amazing experience, i would recommend anyone running for cancer research because its a good cause and its fun to get to know people too. i had a fantastic day today, it was hot but i still ran 5K in 34 minutes. I will be doing it again next year hopefully xx


Well done to all the Powered by Wrexham & Shropshire ladies who took part in the Race for Life today - We had a great day, if a little emotional at times. Thanks for the support of Wrexham & Shropshire. Hopefully we've raised a lot of money for Cancer Research.

Lauren Griffiths

Hi I'm lauren Griffiths from wrexham i'm 12 years old and i took part in the race for life for the 4th time last sunday. I have been taking park in it because my taid died of lung cancer 4 years ago. By doing the race for life i want to help find a cure and stop people from going through the same sadness as i did when i lost my taid. I am planning on taking part next year aswell!