200 days till Olympics - Beth Tweddle chats to Heart

With only 200 days to go until the Olympics, a gymnastic hopeful has been trying to inspire future athletes.

Cheshire’s Beth Tweddle has been at the Live and Learn program in Liverpool, which aims to get young children into sport. 

Children from local schools were involved in a range of sports and activities throughout the day. 

Beth hopes that by taking part the youngsters will get the chance to learn more about low profile sports such as fencing. 

The three times world champion is now hoping to compete at the games, which will take place in London in July.

Beth Tweddle talks to Heart

Beth told Heart:

"Programs like Live and Learn enable youngsters to meet those in the business and take part in activities to see what being an Olympian is really like.

"It’s a really exciting time but it’s will be a hard as I’ve still got six months of training before I’ve even been selected for the team. 

"I will be going down to the test event this week, which will be the kick start to the gymnastic Olympics."