Breastfeeding awareness week

A new mum from Chester who's pioneering breastfeeding says it's brought her closer to her daughter.

It's national breastfeeding awareness week which aims to raise awareness of the benefits the baby gets from breast milk.

The  main  aim  of the campaign is to raise  awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding, increase  social  acceptance  of  breastfeeding  and  promote  support  for  breastfeeding.

Andrea Gray from Chester, breastfeeds her six month daughter called Sammy:

She says:

'It's a really special thing to do with your child. It's something that no one else can do with her. So for me that was really important so that I could have that special time with her.'

'I'd encourage any new mums to try breastfeeding, it takes a while to establish it. But once you establish it it's fantastic and quite easy. It's a lot easier than sterilising a bottle. It's  just a really nice time for you and your baby.'