Bride's appeal for missing brother

A sister has appealed for her brother to come home after he went missing on the morning of her wedding.

38 year old John Burke from Ellesmere Port went out to the shop for cigarettes on August 7 leaving his wedding suit hung up in the wardrobe - he hasn't been seen since.

Kate Williamson's wedding went ahead as planned and John's family reported him missing the following day.

Kate said:

"We love you and miss you and there are so many people who are worried about you and care for you.

"John, please come home.  We don't mind that you missed the wedding, all I want to know is that you are safe and well."

Cheshire Police say this is now a "high risk" case and so far traces on John's bank account and mobile phone haven't given them any clues.

Detective Sergeant Debbie Bellis said:

"We don't know if that's because the battery is dead but we have no trace on the mobile phone at the moment and similarly we think he just had the money on him to get the cigarettes.

"No enquiries we've made would lead us to believe this was pre-planned, it would appear he has just gone on that morning with no prior arrangements being made."