Child scalded by Chinese Lantern

A child has ended up in hospital after being scalded by a Chinese Lantern on Bonfire Night.

Fire crews are now warning people to keep them away from children after the incident in Wrexham.

Chinese Lanterns are paper balloons with a candle or flammable material inside that enables the lantern to fly into the air when it's lit.

The child wasn't seriously hurt and has since been allowed home.

Andy Robb, County Partnership Manager with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said:

"These lanterns are popular, but we are appealing to the public to be aware of the possible fire hazards of Chinese Fire lanterns and therefore the need to be careful when handling them.

"Make sure that no one is standing underneath when they are set up as there is a possibility that this oil or wax can tip over and cause injury.

"Thankfully, this time the child’s injuries were not severe and he was released from Wrexham Maelor Hospital after treatment."