Council: Bus decision prompts complaints

A Wrexham council officer expects more complaints from parents after the Council voted to change the way free school bus travel works in the county.

It means that from September 2012 children will only be able to get free transport to their nearest suitable school.

It's led to complaints from parents in Chirk whose children go to school in Llangollen because they will be in line to lose the free travel.

One mum who protested outside the Council meeting where the vote took place said:

"I feel very passionate that they should still have their free school bus transport to Dinas Bran (in Llangollen).

"My 10 year old is worried about where she is going to school - she shouldn't have that worry at 10 years of age."

But John Davis who wrote the Council report says its about having a fair system for everyone is Wrexham.

He said:

"There have been lots of claims that we are in the business of just trying to save some money here but that isn't the driving force here.

"It's about trying to introduce a policy that is fair and equitable to everyone who lives in the County Borough."