Criticism over flash floods in Wrexham

After flash flooding hit the region on Tuesday night - people on one street in Wrexham have criticised Welsh Water, saying it has been going on for years.

Lynn Morris and her family have lived in the same house for five decades.

On Tuesday the fire service were called to pump water out homes after the torrential rain.

She says it has caused so much damage over the years.

She said:

"It's absolutely horrendous, it floods really badly so we look out the window and all we can see is water and I live up a bank.

"The Council say it's not their problem and blame Welsh Water, while Welsh Water say it's not their problem, it's the Council's.

"We never get a clean up after it and we're walking through sludge, slurry and refuge out of the drains.

"It's unbelievably horrible."

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said:

"We are clearing up several areas after the flash floods."

In a statement Welsh Water said:

"A Welsh Water crew is going to the site today to clean up and investigate the cause of the flooding. We will continue to liaise closely with the Caia Park residents committee.

"We are aware of previous flooding incidents in this area.  Following an incident earlier this year, we carried out a camera survey which found blockages in the network.

"Such blockages are often caused by inappropriate items being flushed away and the build up of cooking oils and fats which are poured down the sink. We urge customers to help avoid sewer blockages by disposing of waste materials properly."