Do you know what games your children are playing on the internet?

There are loads of interactive games on the social network, but an internet security expert has been telling Heart about what he thinks is a worrying aspect, to the game The Sims Social.

The Sims Social game is a cyber world where you build a community and friends but according to Charles Conway an internet safety expert he reckons the game could potentially be quite dangerous if kids play it. 

Charles Conway says:

'When you play the Sims on Nintendo wii or Playstation you're playing very much a one player game. What parents need to remember is that when their children are playing the game linked to their facebook profile, where these games reward them for having more connections in the game there's a real risk that they will connect with strangers.'

Charles also says it's the sort of relationships that you can have with your Facebook friends that is worrying for parents:

'Once you progress past a certain point in your relationship you can have sex, which is then rewarded with virtual cash. So effectively what you've got here is sex for rewards.'

Well we've put Charles concerns to the developers EA Games, but so far they have refused to comment.

Facebook have told Heart that there is the CEOP safety panic button if children are at all worried. 

Have you ever played the game? What do you think? Let us know. You can comment below.