Farmers call for Chinese Lantern ban

A group of farmers in North Wales say they are so fed up with Chinese Lanterns they want to see them banned.

The Women's Farmers Union in North Wales say the lanterns which are lit at parties and fly into the air leave wire on the ground when they land.

Cattle can eat the wire causing serious injury, and sometimes the lanterns even start fires in farmer's fields.

Gail Swan from the group in Llandegla thinks people ought to know how dangerous they are.

She said:

"It's not just the farmers, because we're lighting a candle and putting it in the air it could be landing on someone's home so it could be setting a house on fire - this affects everyone, not just farmers.

"If these are in our fields we need to walk them every day to check if they are doing any damage.

"We're not going to see for a long time the damage these could be doing.