Four months to prepare for Queens visit to Chester

The Head chef who cooked for the Queen in Chester last week says it took a lot of preparation to make sure everything went smoothly on the day.

It took staff at the Racecourse 4 months to prepare - and they even sent a selection of menus to the Palace to see which one she liked best!

Chefs cooked over three thousand meals that day.

Catering manager Philip Doherty says:

"The actual menu itself, we put a selection of menus together and sent them to the palace and then apparently it was the Queen herself who chose the menu and it was quite an honour to do that. The feedback from her after-wards was that she really enjoyed it and she was full of praise."

"We were very much under time constraints they were on a really strict time schedule so we had to serve the 460 people who were at banquet their food in an hour and 10 minutes, we which succeeded to do with the full three courses."