Hollyoaks star backs Meningitis campaign

Hollyoaks actress Holly Weston who plays Ash Kane in the Chester based soap is backing the Meningitis Trust campaign after her character falls into a coma after she was diagnosed with the illness.

Student Ash Kane collapses in the soap after a night out and falls into a coma. Doctors diagnose her with meningitis.

National charity, the Meningitis Trust, is reminding students to be aware of all the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Students are an at risk group, with up to 30% of them carrying the most common bacteria which causes the illness.

University students are vulnerable due to living in more cramped housing or halls of residence.  

Every year around 3,000 cases of bacterial meningitis are reported in the UK – leaving 10% dead and 15% of survivors with severe after-effects such as brain damage, loss of hearing and sight and, where septicaemia has occurred, loss of limbs and scarring. It’s a disease which can strike quickly and kill within hours, so knowledge of the symptoms, vigilance and quick action are vital.

The symptoms in Babies are:

* Fever

* Spot Rash

* Refusing food/vomiting

* Drowsy

* Dislike bright lights

Symptoms in Teenages and Adults (same as above):

* Severe headache 

* Stiff Neck

* Severe muscle pain

* Seizures 

You can get more information from the Meningitis Trust here:

0808 80 10 388 - 24-hour helpline


You can hear the full interview with Holly Weston here: