Indefinite jail sentance for Flintshire Man

A man has been jailed indefinitly after he admitted charges of a serious sexual assault, kidnap, assault and false imprisonment

46 year old John Bevan from North Wales put his victim through a a four hour ordeal in which he threatened to kill her but she then escaped.

He must serve at least seven years before he can be considered for release.

Detective Inspector Alun Oldfield said: "Today at Caernarfon Crown Court John Bevan was convicted of six offences of false imprisonment, rape, assault, kidnapping and aggravated car theft and theft.

"Having already been found guilty of these offences, which took place in May this year in the Flintshire area, he has today been sentenced and imprisoned for public protection and as such has been given an indeterminate sentence.

"However, the judge has said that he will need to serve at least seven years and 80 days before he can be referred to a parole board to establish if he still is a significant risk to members of the public and whether he can ever be released.