Just 43% in North Wales report E-crime

A new survey shows less than half of people who are victims of internet fraud in North Wales report the matter to police.

The figures show 57% of victims don't bother - mostly because they don't think police can help.

Alun Lewis, Vice Chairman of North Wales Police Authority, said:

"E-crime is also posing a threat to businesses across the region and a report published by the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that 54% of businesses have been a victim of fraud or online crime.

"The majority of people questioned by the Llais y Gogledd team said that the reason they didn’t report it was that they believed that a third party, a bank or a credit card provider, was actually dealing with the matter on their behalf.

"North Wales Police takes e-crime very seriously and has appointed Detective Sergeant Andrea Barnard as the Regional e-crime Business Liaison Officer.

"She provides support and assistance to vicitims of ecrime throughout the investagative process."