Weather problems continue

Snow and ice are continuing to cause problems across the North West and Wales after temperatures dropped to -17.6 degrees on Monday night.

That temperature was recorded in Crosby on Merseyside and was the coldest in the UK.

The weather is continuing to cause problems for the Christmas getaway with passengers at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport being asked to check flights are on schedule before travelling.

There are delays on local train services too with Merseyrail only operating a Sunday service on the trains until further notice.

They hope to run longer trains so there are not too many delays for commuters.

Drivers are being warned to make sure that they clear snow off their cars before setting off for work, with Merseyside Police warning they will fine anyone who doesn't.

Paul Mountford from the force said:

"If you come to a junction and you can't see what's coming to the left and the right, the electric windows don't work in the cold temperatures so you can't see what is coming and it's obviously a serious hazard.

"If you're involved in a collision because you can't see where you are going that will classed as careless driving.

"Otherwise it could be three points and a £60 fine or it could just be £30 if you don't keep windows clean."