'No booze Dave' finishes his year long challenge

It's been 365 days since Dave O'Brien from Chester drank alcohol. He gave booze up for the year to raise money and raise awareness of Claire House Hospice.

Dave and his family lost their 2-year-old daughter Libby to cancer at Claire House Hospice on the Wirral.

Libby died on 15th August 2009 aged 2 years, 8 months and 8 days.  The family spent a respite weekend at Claire House in May 2009 they decided that they wanted to be at Claire House for Libby’s end of life care.

Since New Years last year Dave gave up alcohol for the whole year and has raised more than £20,000 for the charity. 

Dave told Heart:

'We spent the last 8 days of Libby's life at Claire House and however short of time that may seem, i think it changed us all as a family we were aware of how helpful the hospice were to us and what brilliant work they did with Libby and the family.

'Claire House Hospice need £2.5 million pounds to keep the beds open. The other element of my challenge was to raise awareness of the hospice and the work they do for the children and families in our community. '

To donate money to the charity click here: