Teachers strike at Wrexham school

Teachers at Darland High School in Rossett are on strike today - in a row over redundancies.

The NASUWT teaching Union is defending the decision to walkout insisting it will not jeopardise GCSE students who are sitting exams.

The Union plans to "work to rule" after Thursday's walkout which means they will not do anything that goes beyond their normal duties.

Suzanna Nantcurvis from the Union said:

"We will be there for students, we will be teaching, we will be assessing, we will do all our marking, planning and preparation.

"Everything for students will be in place.

"They (the school) are stripping out the staffing structure and a whole range of skills that teachers have to deliver the curriculum."

In response to the strike and the working to rule Wrexham Council said:

"After a falling intake of pupils and almost £300,000 worth of debt the school has to make redundancies, however we are trying to relocate the 8 members of staff it affects to other schools across the borough."