Tips for throwing a Royal Wedding street party

Here's all the tips you need when planning a street party!

Wrexham County Borough Council’s Year of Culture Team is encouraging residents across Wrexham to join in with the Wrexham Royal Street Party to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on Friday 29th April 2011. 

What is a Street Party?

In short, a street party is a party or social event taking place on a road. In the UK street parties have historically been held to commemorate momentous events, such as VE Day, the Queen's Silver Jubilee and Royal Weddings.
How to Plan Your Street Party

The number one tip for holding a party is to plan early, think about what you want to achieve.  You will need to obtain a temporary road closure notice for your event. You should complete the Application for Closure Under Town Police Clauses Act 1847 form and return it to Wrexham County Borough Council at least 8 weeks in advance. For more advice on this procedure please contact:

Network Management Team
Environment Department
Abbey Road South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9PW

Tel:  01978 729743

Consult with Everyone

Start by asking neighbours if they are happy with the idea and ask them to ask their neighbours.  It may be an idea to hold a meeting, where you can discuss who will do what.  Keep meetings informal, share responsibilities and don’t let anyone dominate.  Street parties are a great way to involve all ages, races and faiths and bring the street together.  If anyone has any objections then listen to them and try to compromise on anything that is contentious.

You will not be able to suit everyone - as long as you invite everyone, respect differences and don't seriously inconvenience anyone, you should be able to have your event anyway. Talk to people to prevent any formal 'objections' to the council road closure, but no one should be able to stop the event.


As the wedding has been set for 11am and people may want to watch on television, plan to hold the party in the afternoon.

Food & Drink

Get everyone in the street to bring something.  Food and drink are a great way of bringing everyone together. Paper plates, bowls and plastic cups are easier to clear away at the end of the event.

    * Get the children to make bunting in advance to decorate the street
    * Best decorated house or garden
    * Tug of War
    * Cake making competition
    * Party Games such as pin the tail on the donkey or apple bobbing
    * Chalk drawing on tarmac
    * Dancing competition
    * Knitting/bookmark competition
    * Best handmade crown competition

Ensure that there is something to suit all ages.


Ask if anyone in the street plays an instrument or alternatively play music on a CD player.  Ensure that there is something for all tastes and that music played is not too loud or goes on too late.


Care must be taken to minimise risks from accidents, burns if a BBQ is to be used, gas, electricity, weather, damage, breakages, etc. You should agree in advance that everyone should take responsibility for themselves and watch out for each other, especially children.

Clearing Up

You will be responsible for cleaning up after your street party. It’s your street, your party, so keep your local area clean and tidy. Let people know in advance what time the party will finish and have a time set aside for clearing up into bin bags and recycling where possible.

Community Development Officer Nicola Millar said:

“People wishing to hold a street party to celebrate the royal wedding during Wrexham Year of Culture 2011 need to check whether a temporary road closure is necessary for their party and should therefore start planning their events now to avoid disappointment."

"This is a great way to celebrate the royal wedding and Wrexham Year of Culture and show that we have a great community spirit in Wrexham. Our guide will help residents to think about what is needed to organise a street party.”

A Wrexham Royal Street Party Guide has been produced and is available on the Wrexham County Borough Council Website