Heart Interviews Psycle's Colin Waggett

Heart catches up with the CEO of Psycle - the new craze sweeping the Capital!

What is Psycle?

Psycle is a high intensity, low impact head to toe workout on a bike, led by passionate and charismatic instructors.  Our classes are time efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Each class is set to a carefully chosen playlist, with all of the pedal speeds, efforts and movements driven by the beat and rhythm of the music. 

The physical environment is contemporary London, and the amenities carefully chosen from the fluffy towels to the Bumble and Bumble hair products.  Psycle also has a strong emphasis on wellbeing.

Our in-house nutritionist Rhian Stephenson offers pre and post nutritional tips and has collaborated with Detox Kitchen to make protein pots and healthy energising snacks, and cold pressed organic juices from Purearth.

What is Psycle's philosophy?

We believe that your state of mind is crucial to how hard and how often you exercise. At Psycle we do everything we can to put the customer in the right frame of mind before and after the class.

This ranges from the simple on-line booking, through to the feel of the studios when you arrive, to the music played during the class build up, through to the likeable energy and charisma of the instructors.  

How did you start Psycle?

By finding the right idea, then the right people, then the right site.

What are Psycle's aims?

To make people think differently about exercise.  It can be a sociable as well as enjoyable experience.

What's different about Psycle to other work outs, for example a normal bike sessions or spinning?

The first part is the fact that it is a total body workout.  We provide cleated shoes, which mean you engage your hamstrings and glutes as well as your thighs so you develop toned, lean legs. 

The specialist shoes also mean you can spend a decent amount of time out of the saddle riding at high tempo - this engages you glutes, core and upper body.

Finally through the use of upper body weights and some of the movements we do on the bike this completes the total body workout, that is highly effective and time efficient.

From an experiential point of view the vibe is more Ibiza than Tour de France. You can really get lost in the music whilst working out. The time goes quickly and you will work harder than you thought possible.

Is it more focus on weight loss or toning and is it accessible for everyone or just the super fit?

 Toning and weight loss are two sides of the same coin.  Gaining lean muscle mass increases your metabolism long after you’ve finished working out.  

One of the beauties of spin bikes is that an athlete can be training next to a novice and each person can adjust their resistance to suit their level of fitness - so it’s definitely for everyone.  

How can Psycle fit into your wider lifestyle choices? What wider tips can you offer our audience for general life improvement? 

Rhian, our Wellness Director, likes to talk about crowding out bad habits with good ones. For example swap a date in a bar with a friend to a Psycle “date”, or swap a post workout carb loaded breakfast with a protein filled breakfast pot.  Fill your life with enjoyable stuff that’s good for you.

Quotes by Colin Waggett, Psycle’s CEO.

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