Monday 5th September

He’s everybody’s 3 and a half year old furry monster – Elmo dropped in to the Heart Breakfast studio for a playdate! He’s been busy meeting the stars and having a look round London. Find out who his favourite Black Eyed Pea is and what he thinks of the start of the new school term by clicking below. He’s so cute!

Mel B has told her Twitter follwers she’ll be letting her 12 year old daughter, Phoenix choose the name of her new baby. Jamie thinks this is a great idea. Maybe his 2 year old son, Sidney could name Harriet’s new baby – Peppa or Iggle Piggle anyone?!

Battle Of The Boroughs returns to Heart Breakfast next week. Is Barnes brainier than Brockley? Can Tottenham triumph over Twickenham? Represent your manor by clicking here.

If you’re a big George Michael fan we could be sending you off to his Symphonica tour. All you need to do is brush up on your George knowledge and tell us what Decade Of George we’re talking about.

We’ll see you in the morning. Have a great day.

Elmo Drops In To Heart Breakfast For A Playdate - 5th Sep 2011