Thursday 15th September

Sexy Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out of her Jimmy Choos and into the Heart Breakfast studio today. Find out what family tradition she shares with Jamie and Harriet and what she wore to her son’s karate class by clicking below!

We love home baking and a survey out today shows that the majority of Londoners do too. Four million people in Britain bake at least once a month (including Harriet and Joanne Travel). Jamie, on the other hand gets his cakes from the supermarket… and the corner shop… and the late night garage.

The return of Battle Of The Boroughs saw a new leaderboard champion this morning. Andy Brown from Dartford managed a time of 51.83 seconds. Who will be victorious at the end of our 6 week run though? If you’d like to represent your borough register to play here (you might win £1000).

10 year old Josh from Elstree is storming ahead on Generation Gap. He won’t have to clean his nan’s car now! Tomorrow, he takes on another member of the family.

Friday means Freebie Friday so make sure you set your alarm to wake up to us and you could win the entire contents of the Heart Breakfast prize cupboard! Have a great day x

Sarah Jessica Parker On Heart Breakfast - 15th September 2011