Wednesday 14th September

Jamie had a bit of a milestone yesterday as he went to his first parent’s evening. He didn’t get told off - in fact he was very well-behaved. Have a listen to what he found out below…

What have you complained about and how far has the company you complained to gone to keep you happy? Bill Bennett wrote to M&S after he was overcharged for a sandwich. After a few weeks he hadn’t received a reply so sent them another letter asking them for an apology and to draw a “smiley dinosaur”! Steve Jones, a customer adviser with a great sense of humour sent him a £5 gift card and a sketch. No complaining about Heart Breakfast okay? We can’t draw!

Tomorrow, we’ll have another round of Battle Of The Boroughs. If you’d like to represent your manor and maybe win £1000 register here.

Young Joshua is pushing ahead in the Generation Gap. He leads the adults at the midweek stage of the competition. There’s still all to play for! Tune in tomorrow just after 8.

Sarah Jessica-Parker drops in tomorrow. Find out all about her new film and an unusual tradition her family shares with Jamie and Harriet.

See you in the morning x

There Ain't Nothing Like A Dame - 14th September 2011