Wednesday 20th July

Horrible Bosses starring Jennifer Aniston got us thinking today about some of the dodgy managers we’ve had in the past! Harriet once had a Saturday job in an art shop but she didn’t learn much about art – instead, her boss sent her out to buy washing powder and shouted at her when she came back with the wrong one!

We’ve had our work experience boy testing out the new Heart Breakfast alarm clocks. Well, we do want to make sure they all work properly and it’s an introduction to the world of radio… Everybody has to start somewhere.

The Olympic Torch was in the Heart Breakfast studio today. You can see it and have your photo taken with it in Trafalgar Square from 1pm. You can also nominate someone you’d like to carry the torch by clicking here.

'Lucifer' and 'Messiah' are two of more than 100 names to have been rejected by New Zealand's name registrar over the past two years. Click on the link below to hear some of the others!

Visitors to a Ukrainian zoo will get the chance to see a new attraction after the zoo's owner decided to move into a cage - with a pride of lions. Aleksandr Pylyshenko will be fed through the bars at the same time as the lions and says he will remain there - sleeping in the cage and playing with the big cats for five weeks. We wish him well but there’s no way you’d catch us doing it!

Our quest to make sure all of London is wide awake continues in our new game, Wakey Wakey. This morning, Dan from Aldershot proved he was definitely awake by getting all five questions right (he’s a milkman though so, no excuse!) You can play tomorrow morning just after 6.

And Michelle from Sunningdale did great on Hearticulate scoring 6 with Jamie and the “objects” category. She gets a brand new, exclusive Heart Breakfast alarm clock (as tested by our work experience boy!).

Have a great day. We’ll see you in the morning.

Unusual Names On Heart Breakfast - 20th July 2011