Gone But Not Forgotten. The Demise Of The Car Tax Disc And More.

With the news the DVLA are getting rid of paper car tax discs, we take a wistful look back at everyday items that have become obsolete.

1. Tax Disc >> Electronic Tax Form

From October 1 2014, we will no longer need to display our paper tax disc in the front of our cars. Instead motorists will need to register their car and can then pay their road tax online.

car tax disc









2. Movie Rental Stores >> On Demand Streaming

Remember the Friday night pilgrimage to the video rental store? The painstaking but highly enjoyable task of picking a film that suited everybody… nowadays multiple TV and film streaming services dictate our viewing habits.

VHS back in the day









3. Road Maps >> GPS And Satnav

Long gone are the days when you have to pull in by the side of the road to double and triple check the map! We're more used to hearing TomTom voice come out of the speaker now than we are navigating those colourful squiggles on a page.

Watford map








4. Encyclopedia >> Google

Come on, 'fess up... when was the last time you actually looked something up in a book?










5. Walkman >> Ipods And Apps

The way we listen to music has definitely changed somewhat! Whereas we used to have our mixed tapes plugged into our walkmen, we now use iPod and Apps to listen to our favourite artists.

The Sony Walkman









You can download the Heart App and take us with you wherever you go.

6. Floppy Disks >> iCloud

Whereas we used to store all our digital information on floppies, we now save important information on this service. This clever concept means we can now access our personal data anywhere we like.

7. Fax >> Email

We waved bye bye to sending dodgy printouts and dialling tones and welcomed an age of tidy attachments.

Fax Machine









8. Halfpenny >> Bitcoins

Admittedly these haven't really taken off yet... but bitcoin is a type of digital currency, where payment is recorded in a public file as it's own measure.

9. Teletext >> Internet

Created back in the 70s, we remember the good old day of booking holidays via this service. Teletext used television signal to transmit information, but it's services have since been usurped by world wide web.

10. Typewriter >> Laptops

Clunky keys belong to yesteryear. You certainly won't see anyone sitting in a coffee shop working away on a typewriter any more. Portable computers are undeniably more convenient for our busy lifestyles these days.

antique typewriter keys