The Crown comes under fire for portrayal of Princess Margaret

17 February 2019, 16:11

Picture dated 1956 of British Princess Margaret.
Picture dated 1956 of British Princess Margaret. Picture: Getty

The 2nd Earl of Snowdon to challenge hit Netflix show’s ‘damaging image’ of his mother in tell-all biography

Princess Margaret's son has vowed to 'correct the damaging image' of his mother by writing his own biography.

David Armstrong-Jones, the 2nd Earl of Snowdon, has hit out at historical books and TV shows, including popular Netflix drama The Crown, to challenge the depiction of his mother.

Promising to rescue Princess Margaret's party-going, chain-smoking image, he said: “My mother is often portrayed, whether it's in 'authoritative' books, or TV dramas, as being a socialite who was only interested in parties.

“She was so much more than that, and devoted a huge amount of her time to the arts, as well as all her official duties on behalf of the Queen.

“The series and the book depict fiction as fact, and the worry is that future generations will believe that my mother really behaved this way, word for word, scene by scene.

“It's time to correct this damaging image.”

Queen Attends Sunday Church Service at St Mary the Virgin
Queen Attends Sunday Church Service at St Mary the Virgin. Picture: Getty

The 57-year-old reportedly told friends how disappointed he was by the 'cheap' representation of his mother as 'some sort of carousing floozie'.

He will consult with historians to produce a more balanced view of Princess Margaret and her late husband, Lord Snowdon.

"She had all these amazing sides to her," he said.

"She never pressured us to do things, she was always enthusiastic and made everyone feel included. She said, 'Just do the best you can.' There was a very loving side as well."

The Snowdons
The Snowdons. Picture: Getty

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers is delighted that David has taken it upon himself to set the record straight.

He said: "Her friends have been rather depressed by the way she has been portrayed.

"Every now and again we see fresh quotes or letters suggesting she was much more thoughtful and intelligent than we have been led to believe."