Kate Middleton reveals how she boosts her kids' mental wellbeing with parenting tip

14 June 2019, 16:40

The Duchess appeared on Blue Peter last night
The Duchess appeared on Blue Peter last night. Picture: BBC/PA

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke out about how she boosts her three children's mental health during an episode of Blue Peter.

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Kate Middleton has explained the parenting tip she uses to help boost her children's mental health, and it's so simple.

The mum-of-three appeared on an episode of Blue Peter last night and took part in some outdoor activities with presenter Lindsay Russell and some local children at the Westminster City Council's Paddington Recreation Ground.

The mum of three appeared on Blue Peter yesterday
The mum of three appeared on Blue Peter yesterday. Picture: BBC

The Duchess shared that she loves spending time outdoors and she ensures that Prince George, five, Princess Charlotte, four, and one-year-old Prince Louis all get enough time outdoors.

37-year-old Kate admitted that she loves taking the children outside, and that she drags them out whatever the weather.

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She joined the kids on Blue Peter to do some planting and joined in a den-building competition in the woods, and said that pond dipping was "massively up my street" and she does it often with the young royals.

She continued: “Rain or shine, they’re dragged outside. It’s great.

"It encourages creativity, confidence and even a short amount of time – 10 or 15 minutes – makes a huge difference to ­physical wellbeing but also to our mental wellbeing."

Kate encouraged all of the children on the show, telling them: "You did an amazing job finding everything and you did it seriously quickly."

The Duchess, who already has a special gold Blue Peter badge from when she was younger was given a green one for getting down and dirty with nature.

She wasn't the only one to be rewarded, as she gave all the children a green Blue Peter badge.