Kate Middleton paid a touching tribute to war hero gran during Sunday's Remembrance service

11 November 2019, 11:39 | Updated: 11 November 2019, 11:46

Valerie, Kate's grandmother worked at Bletchley Park
Valerie, Kate's grandmother worked at Bletchley Park. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

It's something that could've easily been missed, but it has a lot of meaning behind it.

The Duchess of Cambridge paid a sweet tribute to her late grandmother during this year's Remembrance Sunday, but did you notice it?

Everyone wore a poppy for the day, with the queen sporting a cluster as well as Meghan wearing one, but Kate's specific poppy had a family meaning linking to her war hero grandmother, Valerie.

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Kate wore the new badge in honour of her family
Kate wore the new badge in honour of her family. Picture: PA

A few of the onlookers at the Cenotaph on Sunday might've recognised that her brooch was a special £29.99 'Codebreakers' one, which is new for this year and honours those who worked in signal intelligence.

It was released earlier this year and remembers the 13,000 men and women who worked to decipher the secrets of the German Enigma machine during the Second World War, with 'lest we forget' inscribed on the back of the brooch.

The official poppy website has explained hat the design of the elegant pin was "inspired by the rotors of the Enigma machines, from which Allied cryptologists successfully decrypted a vast number of enemy messages during the Second World War".

It's also described as an "extraordinary tribute to the work of those in signal intelligence".

The stunning brooch is available for £29.99
The stunning brooch is available for £29.99. Picture: Poppys
Valerie worked to crack German codes and succeeded
Valerie worked to crack German codes and succeeded. Picture: PA/The Middleton Family

Valerie Glassborow, Kate's late grandmother worked in Bletchley Park, in the famous Hut 16 where the German Enigma code was cracked.

She was joined by her twin sister, Mary Glassborow who was Kate's great aunt as they worked at the site together, and they both have enscribed bricks right next to each other in the newly restored Teleprinter Building in Bletchley Park.

Kate, 37, visited the site in May this year and was photographed gazing onto the bricks in honour of her family.

Kate visited the site earlier this year
Kate visited the site earlier this year. Picture: PA

The Duchess, 37, stood next to the Queen and stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall on Buckingham Palace's balcony to watch Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry lay wreaths down on Sunday to pay their respects to the fallen ones.

Kate's chic navy blue outfit had a military-inspired theme with the smart jacket and hat also paying respects to her grandmother.

She completed the look with a subtle smokey eye and her hair swept back in a complex low bun which looked so incredibly chic on the royal.