This Royal Baby birth chart tells us what Meghan and Harry's boy will be like

8 May 2019, 13:15

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex share the first photos of their new son
The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex share the first photos of their new son. Picture: Getty

The new Royal Baby was born on Monday 6th May, 2019. And while we don't yet have a name for Mehgan and Harry's baby boy, we do know what personality he'll have!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their firstborn on Monday, 6th May, 2019.

Ever since the news broke, the nation has been waiting with bated breath for news about the baby boy's name - and a first look of the new member of the royal family.

Now, the handsome couple have stepped out, revealing a first look of their new baby boy.

But what will the new royal be like? This birth chart reveals all...

The birth chart of the new Royal Baby
The birth chart of the new Royal Baby. Picture: Jeanna Kadlec /

What star sign is the new Royal Baby?

As Meghan and Harry's boy was born on 6th May, he is a Taurus.

Represented by the bull, Tauruses tend to be serene, practical and well-grounded.

They are also characterised by their unwavering nature and for being strong-willed.

The baby's great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is also a Taurus, as was the late Princess Diana.

The new baby is also a Taurus rising, which is an earth sign and the second Zodiac sign.

Those who are Taurus rising tend to be reserved, resourceful, and matter-of-fact.

Physically, they are usually healthy, robust and sturdy.