Prince Harry follows in Princess Diana's footsteps detonating a landmine in same place as his late mother

27 September 2019, 11:09

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The Prince went to Angola to do some work with the Halo Trust while on his Africa tour with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry has echoed his late mother, Princess Diana of Wales' movements as he headed to Dirico to detonate a dangerous landmine.

The 35-year-old was the spit of Diana, in scenes incredibly similar to her appearance on the site back in 1997, a whopping 22 years ago.

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Harry walked through the dangerous minefield
Harry walked through the dangerous minefield. Picture: PA
Princess Diana did the exact same in 1997
Princess Diana did the exact same in 1997. Picture: PA

Harry wore protective body armour and a face visor to shield himself as he walked through the partially cleared and incredibly dangerous African minefield.

His work echoes the legacy Diana left as he headed over to eliminate the killer devices, guarded by red signs warning people of the danger.

The area that Harry headed to was that once an artillery base for anti-government forces who had mined the position in 2000 before retreating.

Dotted around the scrubland was warning scenes showing a skull and crossbones, with the Portuguese warning "Perigo Minas!" which translates to Danger Mines!

The Prince made a speech after detonating the dangerous explosive
The Prince made a speech after detonating the dangerous explosive. Picture: PA

Harry made a speech before he left the site, saying: "Landmines are an unhealed scar of war.

"By clearing the landmines we can help this community find peace, and with peace comes opportunity.

"Additionally, we can protect the diverse and unique wildlife that relies on the beautiful Kuito river that I slept beside last night.

"That river and those wildlife are your natural assets and, if looked after, will bring you unlimited opportunities in the conservation-led economy."

Diana pictured in 1997 when she visited the exact same site
Diana pictured in 1997 when she visited the exact same site. Picture: PA

The prince continued: "It is fitting that this project starts in Dirico, at the convergence of the two rivers that flow from Angola’s islands down to the Okavango Delta.

"These two rivers provide water and life to over a million people downstream and an essential and incredibly delicate habitat for an abundance of wildlife.

"Just as these rivers extend for miles, so must this project extend far beyond Dirico.

"Outside the national parks, large parts of this crucial watershed also need to be cleared of land mines.

"Clearing the full watershed will take an international effort.

"Everyone who recognises the priceless importance of safeguarding Africa’s most intact natural landscape should commit fully to this mission."