Sarah Ferguson poses with the Queen's corgis after they move in

17 October 2022, 16:26

Sarah Ferguson poses with the late Queen's corgis on her birthday
Sarah Ferguson poses with the late Queen's corgis on her birthday. Picture: Instagram/Sarah Ferguson
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Sarah Ferguson's ex-husband, Prince Andrew, took in the Queen's corgis following the Monarch's death last month.

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has marked her birthday by posting a collection of pictures with Queen Elizabeth II's corgis.

The Duchess, who is also known as Fergie, turned 63-years-old over the weekend and appeared to spend the special day with the late Queen's beloved dogs Muick and Sandy.

Fergie posed in a garden with the two canines, posting the pictures on Instagram with the caption: "The presents that keep giving."

Sarah Ferguson lives with her ex-husband Prince Andrew at the Windsor residence of Red Lodge.

Following the death of the Queen on September 8, it was announced that her two dogs would go to live with Andrew and Fergie.

Fergie previously told The Telegraph that it was an "honour" to have to two corgis move in with her and Andrew.

The divorcees already had five Norfolk terriers at Red Lodge which means they now have a home of seven dogs.

"They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move, but I've got used to it now", Fergie recently joked.

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