Can the Queen ever get arrested?

2 October 2018, 13:54

Can the Queen ever get arrested?
Can the Queen ever get arrested? Picture: PA/Getty

Queen Elizabeth doesn't look like she would commit a crime, but if she did, could the royal ever actually be arrested?

What would ever happen if royal Queen Elizabeth II committed a crime? Would she be arrested?

Two words: Sovereign immunity.

According to a blog entry on the University of Law's website her sovereign immunity means she cannot be arrested even if she did commit a crime.

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The Queen of England can't be arrested
The Queen is unlikely to commit a cream but would have sovereign immunity if she did. Picture: PA

Sovereign immunity means the head of the royal family, the Queen at this moment, is immune from being criminally prosecuted and in the past, this has enabled previous monarchs to get off the hook for accused crimes.

In 1911, King George V was accused of bigamy but the Lord Chief Justice at that time decided that the King could not be ordered to give evidence in court.

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So if Queen Elizabeth did decide to go to Harrods and steal the whole handbag department, in theory she would probably get away with it.

Another reason as to why the Queen would never appear in the dock in the Crown Court is all cases brought in front of the judge are 'The Queen versus'. She can't prosecute herself so would not be prosecuted for a crime she committed.