Royal fans spot awkward spelling mistake on Queen's Platinum Jubilee souvenirs

2 February 2022, 12:36 | Updated: 2 February 2022, 12:45

Heart Breakfast discuss the mucked up Queen's Jubilee memorabilia


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Thousands of souvenirs made for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee feature an awkward misprint.

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Crockery sets designed for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee have been rejected for sale after they were made with an awkward spelling error.

The royal memorabilia, which consists of a teacup, a mug, and a decorative plate, was supposed to include the slogan, ‘To Commemorate the Platinum Jubilee’.

But a translation error from a Chinese manufacturer resulted in Jubilee being spelled as 'Jubbly'.

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The royal memorabilia has a spelling mistake
The royal memorabilia has a spelling mistake. Picture: Wholesale Clearance UK

Unfortunately, the stock had already been shipped to the UK before the typo was picked up on, which means 10,8000 misspelled pieces of memorabilia now need to be sold.

Due to the glaring error, the UK partner refused to accept the tainted products due to the mistake, which means the manufacturer is at risk of a major financial loss.

Instead, Wholesale Clearance UK has decided to step in and purchase the whole lot in a bid to sell it as novelty items.

Karl Baxter, Managing Director of Wholesale Clearance UK, said: "What could be more unique than our limited-edition misprinted crockery?

The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year
The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year. Picture: Getty Images

“This could be your chance to get your hands on a novelty souvenir for a fraction of the price!"

Their website states: "You will notice this is probably more at home on the shelf next to Peckham Spring as these are in fact celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubbly!

“These you say...the Creme de la Menthe! So if you are a fan of the Queen and Del Boy...two birds with one stone! Apart from the obvious gimmick factor, there is an abundance of fantastic things you could do with these:

  • Become an Only Fools and Horses fan and wow your friends with your Lovely Jubbly set!
  • Have a plate smashing contest
  • Take-up plate spinning as a hobby
  • Have a dangerous game of Frisbee."
There was a spelling mistake on royal memorabillia
There was a spelling mistake on royal memorabillia. Picture: Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale Clearance UK is selling the collectables for £3 each.

The whole stock is for sale for £32,400, and Wholesale Clearance claims any buyer could make a potential profit of almost £300,000.

The Queen will mark Accession Day on Sunday (February 6), marking 70 years since the day she became the monarch in 1952.

Her Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated with a four-day party in June.