Roast potatoes are officially the best part of your Christmas dinner

18 December 2019, 17:42

Roast potatoes are the best rated part of a Christmas dinner
Roast potatoes are the best rated part of a Christmas dinner. Picture: Getty

The crispy bois have been voted as 'the best' by the people of the world, and we agree.

Christmas can be a time of love, laughter and petty arguments over the Christmas dinner, but it looks like us Brits are actually all in agreement over one thing for once - and that is that roast potatoes are the best.

We get the pigs in blanket hype, and obviously the meat itself is amazing (if cooked right!) but the roasties obviously appeal to a wider audience, with a whopping 58 per cent of people voting roasties as the top item.

What's your favourite part of the roast dinner?
What's your favourite part of the roast dinner? Picture: Getty

The new survey, conducted by McCain, asked 2,000 people what they loved, and coming in second place just after the roasties was the roast turkey.

Then followed pigs in blankets, stuffing, the gravy (yes!!!), Yorkshire puddings, sprouts (ew), parsnips, the Christmas pudding and finally in 10th place was cauliflower cheese.

The McCain’s Nation’s Conversation’s report said that 80 per cent of people said they will have a traditional Christmas dinner of a roast with all the trimmings, but some avoid it altogether, with two per cent said they would have pie and chips on Christmas day.

According to the survey, the typical Christmas dinner plate will contain three slices of turkey, four sprouts and four roasties, as well as two parsnips, two pigs in blankets and two Yorkshire puds each.

The most popular starter for the big day was prawn cocktail with a whopping 28 per cent of the vote, followed by smoked salmon with 20 per cent.

Mark Hodge from McCain, said: ‘For many, Christmas dinner is one of the biggest events of the year, a chance to catch up and celebrate around the dinner table with friends and family alike.