Lady Gaga wanted to communicate a 'longing for love' with Bradley Cooper in Shallow

7 March 2019, 20:21 | Updated: 7 March 2019, 21:01

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Picture: Getty

Lady Gaga wrote an impassioned letter after winning the Mass Appeal Award at the Global Awards.

Mark Ronson shared an emotional letter from Lady Gaga after collecting her Global Award for Mass Appeal Award.

The Grammy awarding-winning producer worked with Gaga on 'Shallow', the Oscar-winning title track for A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper.

In the letter, Gaga claims the song was about 'two people longing for more in life and love' as she thanked Global for their support of the record.

Her words read: "Thank you so much to everyone at Global I appreciate your support of the song Shallow.

"It's about communication and two people longing for more in life, love and existence. It's quite simple in this modern world that we don't want to exist in a shallow space."

Lady Gaga's award comes after Mark Ronson claimed their Oscar win last month still 'doesn't seem real'.

Speaking at the Global Awards he said: "It seems weird, the cool thing is they give [ you the Oscar] on the same night and it's engraved, but it doesn't seem real."

Ronson claims he celebrated his win with Lady Gaga into the early hours and even addressed his infamous appearance on Good Morning Britain after crashing their live coverage from the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

He revealed: "I went out with Gaga and we had a nice time. We also went to a bunch of parties and I accidentally crashed the Good Morning Britain interview."

Mark Ronson arrives at The Global Awards 2019 with
Mark Ronson arrives at The Global Awards 2019. Picture: PA IMAGES

Asked if he has any plans to record more songs with Gaga in the future, he added: "When you meet somebody who you have a good track record and great relationship with you'll always want to work together - I will always work with her if she wants."

Mark and Gaga's friendship transcends their work on A Star is Born, as Ronson also revealed the pair spent a boozy night together in London years ago.

He revealed: "We took her out once in a party in london and she stayed so late the tour bus had to pick her up from my friend's house on this tiny street in Shoreditch."